The Patterned Concrete®


The Right Brand

In 1972, a pioneering vision came to life, giving rise to Patterned Concrete® Industries Ltd. With an unwavering commitment to innovation in architectural concrete solutions, the brand ventured internationally. Progressing to the 1980’s, Patterned Concrete® had over 80 licensed installers worldwide bound by a shared commitment to deliver concrete of the highest caliber. Today, Patterned Concrete® Global, rebranded in 2015, remains recognized as an industry leader, offering a diverse range of next-generation brand materials, cutting-edge stamping tools, architectural specifications, consulting, training, and licensing opportunities for global contractors. Through a network of licensed installers, Patterned Concrete® provides more than just branded materials, Patterned Concrete® offers a comprehensive system of knowledge, brand recognition, exclusive designs, and solutions. Patterned Concrete® pioneered the industry and continues to lead it. We are “The Original”.

The Right Team

Not all stamped concrete is of the same quality. In fact, its quality varies drastically amongst installers and most concrete installers do not have the in-depth training and expert mentoring of Patterned Concrete® Licensed Professionals. Proprietary Patterned Concrete® professional stamping tools, finishes and technologies used by trained, licensed installers set us apart.

The Right Design

Every architectural project demands a unique touch. True custom Patterned Concrete® finishes provide architects with a virtually limitless range of design options. With Patterned Concrete® global finishes, you have the ability to customize stamping tools, textures, colors, and even replicate specific materials.

The Right Quality

Patterned Concrete® finishes are renowned for their durability. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and years of use without losing their visual appeal. By specifying Patterned Concrete® finishes, you can assure your clients that their architectural projects will not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

The Right Tools

Patterned Concrete’s® rigid mat stamping tool technology represents a cutting-edge advancement in architecturally finished concrete. Built with premium materials, these tools offer exceptional durability, with a lifespan exceeding 30 years. Ultimately, Patterned Concrete’s® rigid mat stamping tool technology sets the standard for efficiency, precision, and quality for all architecturally finished concrete.

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The Right Specifications

Our team is ready to work with you anywhere! Patterned Concrete®’s global licensing programs offer a unique opportunity for skilled installers to access a world of innovative concrete designs and technologies. Specify a Patterned Concrete® finish today to see how our team will ensure your project gets the excellence it deserves.

The Right Formula

  • Versatile and cost effective
  • 50 years of research, development and innovation
  • More than 50 unique, proprietary Signature finishes
  • Engineered and cut to control expansion and contraction
  • Extra-large panels withstand heavy loads needed for driveways or parking. They avoid frost heave and allow surface run-off to keep sub-grade dry and stable. Patterned Concrete stamped concrete products can be engineered for use on slab-on-grade as well as structural concrete installations
  • Structural integrity and longevity
  • Superior grade concrete and base materials
  • 3/4 inch granular stone underlay ensures ideal drainage
  • Superior quality rigid stamping tools produce stunningly natural finishes
  • Non-slip and non-skid finishes available
  • Fibreglass rebar construction will not rust, bleed or stain
  • Proprietary non-fading colour process is deep-hardened (8,000-10,000 P.S.I.) to minimize wear, stain-resistant and easy to clean and maintain
  • Patterned Concrete® tracks all installations for precise pattern and colour matching – even decades later
  • LEED opportunities
  • Design and installation are only performed by trained Patterned Concrete® Licensed Professional contractors. Our name is our guarantee of excellence.

All stamped and decorative concrete is not the same.

We lead. Others only follow. There is no substitute for excellence.