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Frequently Asked Questions – Architects & Specifiers

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are provided for general informational purposes only. While we strive to offer accurate and up-to-date information, the content herein is not necessarily exhaustive and may not cover specific individual circumstances.

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Patterned Concrete® is a specialized concrete design, consultation, and installation company that licenses contractors to install Patterned Concrete® finishes worldwide. Patterned Concrete® offers proprietary stamping tools and various architectural and stamped concrete finishing systems. Our decorative and stamped concrete solutions create stunning surfaces with unique patterns, textures, and colours. Our expertise lies in creating beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance concrete surfaces for various applications, including heated commercial spaces, public places, driveways, retaining walls, patios, pool decks, and more.

Patterned Concrete® supplies brand materials only to Patterned Concrete® Licensed Professionals that can install Patterned Concrete® products. These are certified experienced contractors trained in the proper installation methodology and use of our unique tools, products, and techniques.

The duration of a concrete installation project depends on various factors, such as the size of the area, the complexity of the design, and weather conditions. Our team will provide you with a timeline during the quoting process, and we work efficiently to complete projects on schedule.

Selecting Patterned Concrete® for your projects offers several benefits. The most important being our 50+ years of experience. Patterned Concrete®, founded in 1972, was one of the pioneers in creation of a stamped concrete finishing system and since then has dedicated resources to research and development in all aspects of stamped / architectural concrete finishes. With our global experience we ensure to provide the best solution and finish for your project. Additionally through our trained and licensed installers we will deliver quality decorative concrete with approved materials. Our comprehensive licensing systems with contractors alleviates the worry of having an inexperienced installer on site. Additionally Patterned Concrete® rigid mat stamping tools are an advantage, creating natural looking refined textures while ensuring a level surface due to the stamps rigidity. These stamping tools are manufactured to create the best finish possible on the concrete while also making it easier for the contractor. Furthermore Patterned Concrete® has plenty of design capabilities and its versatility makes it a great low-maintenance hardscape for any space. Patterned Concrete® offers various different concrete finishing systems and has plenty of customization options. With our design consultation team we can create a custom finish for a specialized look on your project. Contact us for your next project to experience Patterned Concrete®.

Specify Patterned Concrete® on your project and we will deal with the bidding contractors to issue a limited license to a qualified concrete professional near you on a project-to-project basis. Patterned Concrete® will supply the limited license contractor with the required, brand materials, and training to install the specified finish. Please get in touch with our licensing department at for more information.

Patterned Concrete® stamped or architectural concrete projects stand the test of time all around the world. Contact us at 800 252 4619 or at our Canadian headquarters for more information on customizing our products for your specific needs.

While Patterned Concrete® is perceived as a generic and synonymous term for stamped concrete, it is actually a registered trademark name. Patterned Concrete® differs from other stamped concrete installers in many ways. Firstly, Patterned Concrete®’s history and origins; having been a leader in the industry since 1972 and one of the pioneers of proven stamped concrete finishing systems, the brand has a strong reputation and name in the industry. With that being said Patterned Concrete® maintains its original company values of delivering perfection. Patterned Concrete® methodologies take no shortcuts and often go above and beyond to ensure a quality long lasting installation that is often customized to meet the particular needs of a project. Patterned Concrete® is the manufacturer of various stamped and architectural concrete finishing systems. Patterned Concrete® consists of licensed and trained professionals that specialize in the field of architectural concrete finishes.

Patterned Concrete® offers a range of services, including the supply and distribution of stamped concrete finishing systems, top quality stamping tools, and brand materials. Patterned Concrete® controls distribution of our materials through our licensing systems. When Patterned Concrete® is specified on a project, either a verified territorial or limited licensed contractor will install the work after the procurement of materials from Patterned Concrete®. This ensures the installer is a well trained and oriented contractor to guarantee a quality controlled finish. Additionally Patterned Concrete® offers consulting services, custom stamping tool manufacturing, and training for licensed conctractors.

Visit our website’s contact page and fill out the form with your project details. One of our team members will get in touch with you promptly to discuss your requirements and provide a comprehensive quote. .

Absolutely! Visit our gallery to explore a selection of our past projects. These images showcase the variety and quality of our work, helping you visualize the possibilities for your own project! Also look deeper into our website for our project case studies for additional project information as well as our blogs and other resources about our finishes. It is important to note that any picture on the website is finished as designed and many aspects can be customized. Furthermore if you get in contact with your local Patterned Concrete® territorial license you can set up an appointment at their respective showroom

Absolutely. Patterned Concrete® offers non-slip finishes to elevate both safety and aesthetics in stamped and architectural concrete projects. Our NON-SLIP NON-SHINE salt guard penetrating sealer delivers a natural finish while protecting the concrete. Applicable to various stamped and architectural concrete finishing systems, this non-slip finish brings a very natural looking visual appeal. For personalized recommendations tailored to your project requirements, we encourage you to consult with a Patterned Concrete® licensed professional who can guide you through the selection process.

The Patterned Concrete® solution: While this issue may be prevalent, it is evident that the problem stems primarily from different low-bid installers utilizing varied materials or stamping tools across various phases of the job. Often times an approved equal color, stamp, or sealant will create a different look or finish and create inconsistency on the job. Patterned Concrete®'s territorial and limited licensing agreements, coupled with our manufacturer specifications for stamped concrete finishing systems, serve as crucial solutions to mitigate such discrepancies. While there can be numerous reasons for variations between one installation and the next, adhering to detailed procedures is paramount to avoiding such discrepancies. Patterned Concrete®'s manufacturer specifications encompass essential guidelines for finishing, material usage, and applications. The licensing system ensures that the low-bid installer is a certified Patterned Concrete® licensed professional. This certification signifies that the installer is well-trained and proficient in using all stamping tools and materials on the job, while also adhering to Patterned Concrete® brand standards. Through the implementation of these systems, low-bid installers are oriented on stamping tool and material use, bringing consistency throughout the entire job. This ultimately results in a uniform finish across various phases, addressing the challenges posed by differing materials or techniques and upholding the quality standards set by Patterned  Concrete®.

Patterned Concrete®’s maintenance and servicing procedures will vary based on the finish of the finished installation. Depending on your finish, Patterned Concrete® will provide specialized maintenance and servicing procedures and if required maintenance kits to the contractor doing the maintenance works. The consistent use of the right brand materials allow for easy repairs that can match color years after.

Patterned Concrete®’s proprietary rigid mat stamping tools add many benefits to the finish of a project. An important detail of our stamping tools is the blend of premium urethanes and other materials to create the most natural looking detail in the stamping tool finish. These materials create a rigid stamping surface while the finish brings a high level of detail in the pattern texture. With increased rigidity the Patterned Concrete® licensed contractor is able to see various benefits from the tools itself. The rigidity benefits the contractors ability to get onto the concrete earlier, ultimately allowing more time to stamp the concrete while maintaining a more consistent levelling in the finish. Additionally getting on the concrete slightly earlier will increase the detail of the texture in the surface and with the additional time it will be easier to maintain consistency of the finish in a larger area. Another important  mention of Patterned Concrete®’s stamping tools is the increased amount of tools within a set of patterns. This is an implementation to reduce repetition within a pattern by increasing variation, in turn, delivering an optimal natural finish. Another great benefit of the Patterned Concrete® stamping tools is  the longevity and ability to take wear and tear. The tools are built to last over 35+ years and have been proven through the test of time. Additionally, the  Patterned Concrete® rigid mat stamping tools are molded from actual natural materials around the world for the most realistic looking finishes. With all  of these great capabilities, Patterned Concrete® also possesses the ability to manufacture custom stamping tools and is always doing R&D for new pattern creation, in which all created patterns are exclusive to Patterned Concrete® Licensed Contractors.

Patterned Concrete® has had plenty of experience with quality installations of steps and walls. However, it is in 2024 that we proudly introduce our Verticals System, unveiling a range of distinctive finishes for both walls and stairs. This marks a significant evolution in our offerings, providing diverse options for vertical surfaces that embody our commitment to innovation and excellence. Check it out on our website!

We definitely can create a custom color that is beyond the standard color chart and provide a sample. Please fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back to you.

We can definitely create a custom pattern for a specific project basis. Our team will work with you to create your design and bring your vision to life.

Specify Patterned Concrete®’s concrete finishing system and brand materials to be used on the project and the installer is awarded to low-bid contractors who are licensed and trained by Patterned Concrete® to install the specified finish or system.